Prior to a Senior Moving to Assisted Living

  • Take measurements of the new living space. This will help your loved one decide how to arrange the furniture and develop a rough floor plan for the new living space.
  • Take photos of each room in your loved one’s current space. This will help you remember the décor and help provide a welcome sense of familiarity for this new dwelling.
  • Offer to help with packing, but don’t make decisions about the belongings. It’s important to let loved ones feel empowered at a time they may feel they are losing their independence.
  • Encourage your loved one to carefully read the literature about the assisted living facility. This helps new residents feel knowledgeable and prepared for this new home.
  • Label your loved one’s clothing to avoid any confusion at the community’s laundry service.
  • Help your parent become familiar with the community’s activity schedule. Choose two or three activities for your parent to join within the first week, which will help your loved one feel integrated into a new, welcoming place.
  • Create a calendar with dates highlighted for expected visitors. This way your parent knows when to anticipate the arrival of family members and other friends.

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