Prior to a Senior Moving to Assisted Living

Take measurements of the new living space. This will help your loved one decide how to arrange the furniture and develop a rough floor plan for the new living space. Take photos of each room in your loved one’s current space. This will help you remember the décor and help provide a welcome sense of […]

100 Year-Old Harmonica Player

She is 100 years old and as feisty as ever!  Her humor and philosophy of life has helped her to remain vibrant. Click the below link to watch, laugh and learn.  

Act ‘FAST!’

The American Stroke Association says, Act ‘FAST!”: Face drooping? Arm weakness? Speech difficulty? Time to call 911!

Can Caresses Protect the Brain from Stroke?

Neurons cut off by a stroke may have the inherent ability to reroute blood flow and save themselves. By Stephani Sutherland In Brief Saved by Caresses Stroke research has been stymied for many years by the complexity of the brain’s response and promising but failed therapies. An accidental discovery in lab rats revealed that stimulating […]

Coping with Depression

Things you can do to speed recovery and keep it from returning By R J Ignelzi Look around at the people in your office, the grocery store or your church or synagogue. Even though they may not be weeping or cowering alone in a corner, there’s a good chance that at least a few of […]


POSSIBLE SYMPTOMS OF DEPRESSION • Sadness and crying • Loss of interest in formerly pleasurable activities • Withdrawal from social activities • Loss of energy • Feelings of uselessness, worthlessness, hopelessness • Irritability • Great concern with health problems • Vague aches and pains • Worry, self-criticism • Difficulty concentrating and/or making decisions • Loss […]

The Future of Medicine is Now

The Wall Street Journal In our era of instant gratification, the world of medicine seems like an outlier. The path from a promising discovery to an effective treatment often takes a decade or more. But from that process—of fits and starts, progress and setbacks and finally more progress—grow the insights and advances that change the […]

Say Chopsticks

Mike Suda, The Wall Street Journal Holding the sticks in the mouth activates the same muscles we use for smiling. After engaging in stressful tasks, people reduced their heart rate more quickly if they smiled, a recent study found. Participants held chopsticks in their mouth in different ways to, from left, keep a neutral expression, […]

Smiling could be good for your health

Sumathi Reddy, The Wall Street Journal Researchers are finding that wearing a smile brings certain benefits, like slowing down the heart and reducing stress. This may even happen when people aren’t aware they are forming a smile, according to a recent study. The work follows research that established that the act of smiling can make […]

A Plan to Chart Heart Risk in 1 Million Adults in Real Time

Ron Winslow, The Wall Street Journal Researchers are launching a major study that will marshal the power of smartphones and other personal technologies in an effort to develop new strategies for preventing and managing heart disease. The project, called the Health eHeart Study, will use tools such as smartphone apps, sensors and other devices to […]