Act ‘FAST!’

The American Stroke Association says, Act ‘FAST!”: Face drooping? Arm weakness? Speech difficulty? Time to call 911!

Can Caresses Protect the Brain from Stroke?

Neurons cut off by a stroke may have the inherent ability to reroute blood flow and save themselves. By Stephani Sutherland In Brief Saved by Caresses Stroke research has been stymied for many years by the complexity of the brain’s response and promising but failed therapies. An accidental discovery in lab rats revealed that stimulating […]

Medical Advances Improve Chances of Stroke Recovery

U-T San Diego Catheter-based treatment, neurosurgery boost survival rates Every year, more than 750,000 Americans suffer from a stroke or what some call a “brain attack.” Strokes occur from a lack of blood flow to the brain, known as an ischemic stroke, or from bleeding within the brain, known as a hemorrhagic stroke. Past treatments […]