What People Are Saying About Alderwood

I visit my daughters’ homes often and when I get tired, I just say, “Take me home” because this IS my home in every way.


This is my first time in residential care and the staff is wonderful. I’m only in my 60s and I love this place. I plan to live here for the rest of my life. I simply love my little nest.

KR, Resident

It’s the difference between heaven and hell from where I was!

AM, Resident

All I can say is that it is SO awesome… It’s heaven here!

GW, Resident

I’m here because people I trust said Alderwood has a good reputation with professionals.

DC, Resident

Everyone is so nice… It’s just wonderful. I wouldn’t leave here for anywhere else!

EH, Resident

The residents are family. You really get attached!

DM, Employee

The residents are wonderful and the staff is remarkable!

MS, Employee

I went to eat at Mazatlan Grill in Central Point this afternoon and was seated next to a group of ladies from Alderwood. The staff of Mazatlan treated these ladies so graciously. However, the lady in “charge” of the group is the reason for my note. Wow! She treated these ladies with so much respect, honor, and love it oozed to those sitting around this group. She was their daughter, and they were all either mothers or just good friends. Between the staff of Mazatlan and the “hostess” for these 8 ladies from Alderwood, my lunch was taken to new enjoyment levels.  I’m not old enough to reside at your facility, but Alderwood is first on my list when the time comes.

LL, Future Resident

Thanks for being so organized with the students today . . . I am very impressed with Alderwood. I’ve been to almost all of the other ALFs in the area (and over the years have had two family members within AL), and I love the warmth and caring your facility exudes.

BH, Nursing Instructor